Why Should We Respect Others Way Of Life

Sometimes in your life, you’ll meet someone you don’t like their ways. You have your own way and it contradict theirs. They are your family, so you’ll feel very separated and unsupported.

And when you fight, you’ll only feel even more separated. And the only way to make the family still connected is to either leave or respect their own ways.

But for sure you can’t survive in a family that always contradicts your ideas, opinions, etc. etc. It’s either them or you that starts the fire. Because of lack of respect to each other.

It may not be all about lack of respect, but it could also be that you care too much and you want only good for them. But the problem is, how do you know if your way is really good for them?

You have no right to say what is right or wrong for them, because you don’t know all things. You know only of yourself. And that’s the truth. So, we better mind our own life anyway.

But you’re concern because you want to succeed, you want them to have a happy life, a less stressful life, but they just can’t stop doing what they’re doing, and not listening to your way; because they are faithful of their own ways, and you cannot defeat faith.

Once you have faith in something, you will stick to it, and keep doing it, because you have faith in it. Faith indeed is a very good fuel to your beliefs.

But one thing you won’t hear most often is that no matter which ways we choose is fine, and and with faith we’ll still be able to reach the same destination.

Say, you want to be happy; there are lots of ways to be happy; and others may not be happy of what makes you happy; so? Unless you want them to suffer, you’ll forced them to be on your side.

But no human wants someone to suffer unless you have a narcissistic condition—being happy of others agony. Other than that is a mere suggestion. How you respond is up to you.

But if it’s really annoying that it keeps suggesting things that you don’t like, unconsciously; it just happen that they really like sharing it to you, not knowing to you it appears a suggestion, and you’re suffering to resist it. A temptation rather.

Well, that’s another issue. Anyway, the point is, we should respect others for their own ways, no matter what, because there are ways that will work for you that is not for them.

But if the family is forcing you to do things that you know won’t work for you because you’ve tried it already and won’t really work; and they still keeps suggesting their ways, and you get annoyed and super angry, then leave; save yourself.

Respect their territory. You don’t belong there. And if you’ll stay there, you’ll feel like an outcast. And that’s very unhealthy for you.

Respect yourself by being still in your own way—and that’s possible by leaving—and their faith.

And that you’ll see them at the center point of your destination. Wish them luck; after all, you’re just a life traveler like them.

You have no right to dictate them of what not to do, or them to dictate you of what to do.

And simply learned from them (’twas a hard lesson, but it’s worth learning for) and have faith that they will arrive safely.

“Do unto others what you want others to do unto you; otherwise, avoid it.”

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What Is The Beginning Of Worlds Conflict?

The beginning of worlds conflict is Competition. Losing is the beginning of anger and self-pity, eagerness to compete more, to win the game; to the extent that you will even cheat just to win it.

And the winner feels arrogant and wants to keep winning, maintaining it’s fame as if it’s his life. That without it, he’s nothing. So, he may as well be angry if he found out he’s being cheated on.

The Demigods enjoys watching the competition, but some competitors are afraid of losing. Others focus on winning and wins. Others enjoys it just for fun.

But if you enjoy both sides of competitors will look down at you, because you just enjoy, doesn’t mean you don’t know anything, you just don’t want to take it seriously, because what’s the point?

I mean, competition is only a way to make people feel great for a moment. But for others, it can make them feel limited a loser and a shadow all throughout their lives because of the effect of losing.

I mean, competition is good if both parties are winning the same. But, that’s not competition anymore. It’s in fact compromising the competition. Which is good isn’t it?

Even until now, people get anxious, depressed, etc. etc. because of that little illusion of losing when in fact, we cannot lose. We have everything we need.

God gives everything as long as we mentally asked for it. We just have to practice thinking and creating, rather than competing. We are supposed to be creators, not fighters.

We are here for life expansion. Giving love to others through things, words of appreciation, service, in any ways we can. But most of all, and above all, is your own life expansion.

The best way we can love others, is through giving, and giving requires us to own something to give. So, let’s create something to own something and share it to others.

And I mean, creating our lives now, rather than competing at others lives. Minding our own business going forward to expansion, while wishing for others expanding the way you do.

Helping each other rather than competing each other.

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How To Protect Your Creative Mind Against Competitive Minds

The world is composed of two different groups of people. The creative minded people and the competitive minded people. Creative minded people are the people are faithful people.

Creative minded people are those people who mentally creates something, receive it in their minds, mentally living with their wants and are thankful with it, until it became physically present.

But creative minded people have weakness just like the competitive minded people. And the creative minded people’s weakness is simply LIE. Lie to these people and they will be doubtful and fearful.

Being doubtful with themselves decreases their faith. And thus, makes their mental creation slowly fading away. It is faith and gratitude that makes their dreams come true.

And the competitive people knew about that. So, their only chance of winning is to create plagues that scares, illusions that doubts creative minded people, and eventually weakening their faith.

So, to protect the creative minded people from that LIE, they must fight. The only problem is, if they fight too much, it will make them in a state of competitive mind to save their life.

Well, that’s an exception. If they’ll take away your life or your dreams, you must fight. And that’s an exception. It’s okay to save your life. It’s okay to fight when you’re in danger.

Others are fearful, and hesitant to fight. They would rather give up, and be slowly eaten by lies, and then made them have no choice but to become one of the competitive minded people.

However, there is a way to defeat their tricks. As Jesus were able to defeat the evil in 40 days that he’s being tested. So do we. And that’s simply by showing them the TRUTH. The truth about God.

The greatness of the divine in all, in you, and even in that evil that is tricking you. They will surely transform. It’s not to defeat that man that tricks you, or that people that tricks, but to set them free.

To fight not to defeat but to save. Save yourself and that your enemy will be save. Because there is something in that enemy that you also have. And if they can’t save themselves, save them through you.

Save yourself and they will be saved. And do not be afraid. Jesus was able you too can. We can. We all can.

No matter how bastard or bad the person is, if you show them the TRUTH about themselves, they shall be set free.

Tell them the TRUTH about God but you must first believe in that truth. And that truth is that, Jesus is with you, in you and in all including that person that you are in conflict with.

You just have to tap the goodness in them, the love in them, the truth in them and it will be awaken.

Use words that applies to all people as a whole. Believe in the truth that you are in everyone. If someone looked down at you, then save yourself by telling them that “I am, but the people across the world together is better than me, and therefore is better than you.”

But remember, that when you say it, include him and you as the people across the world. For in all is in you, in you is in all. The divine is in you and in all, and your enemy is part of the all.

They shall surely transform. The work of the creative minded people is to tap the TRUTH in each competitive minded people, to start being creative and kind, and loving, and abundant, like others does.

We all deserve to be in our own ways without being defeated or disturbed by the competitive minded people.

Remind yourself to let the enemy come and then wake up their true self within them, instead of hiding away from them and being fearful. They’ll never stop if you keep hiding away.

Face them anyway. And show them who you are. If you are competitive and is trying to win others, go out still and let the creative minded people tap your divine nature within.

Don’t be afraid, they won’t bite. Unless you fall into trap. Other tricky way of the competitive minded people. To be good at you, and then in slave you once they’re done acting good in you.

So, never be fooled. Be wise. The supreme intelligent wants you to be wise for your own sake and for all that is in you. You are in them and they are in you. All is in God, and God is in all. And we are all.

If they can’t, do it for them through you. Do it for yourself, with the intention of doing it for all including the divine in that tricky man.

What Are The Best Ways To Help Others Improve Their Lives?

Helping others is one of the best principles of life. Yet, it is true that the most effective ways of helping others is by helping yourself first and foremost. For how could yourself effectively help others if you too needs help?

It would be hard for you, absolutely. Confused and undecided, to help or not to help. Considering you yourself also needs help. And you know exactly that the only way to help is to first help yourself.

So, I have therefore listed 3 of the best ways to help others and the world around you.

Knowing thyself – it’s the first step of helping yourself out of any situation. Is to know thyself. Knowing what you need, what you want, what hinders you from achieving things, what stopped you from becoming what you should become.

It’s because only can we find ways to help ourselves if we know exactly how to help ourselves. As they said, “Seek and you shall find.” “There are plenty of resources available for you as long as you know what to look for.”

And obviously, we share common selves. We need inspiration, we need love, we need affection, and most of all we need compassion. And knowing that, no one out there right who could give you those mentioned perfectly as you wish it to be than yourself.

As it is true that if you’re not inspired, then go out and inspire. If you’re not motivated then go out and motivated. If you want someone to lift you up, then go out and lift others up. If you want friends, go out and make friends.

If you want to be thanked for, go out and say thank you to others; or close your eyes and say to the lord that is in you for keeping you alive at this very moment. And if you want to be appreciated, appreciate.

And if you want compassion, have compassion to yourself first, for you cannot have real compassion towards other if you are angry and broken. And if you don’t know, think of Jesus in the cross, and the crying baby Jesus on Mary’s arms.

Have compassion to your crying baby within and suffering self within. Anger wouldn’t help. Never has it been of help. Forgive yourself; and if you don’t know how, imagine, and believe that Jesus forgives. Allow him.

Know The Truth – It is understandable that we are mostly confused about what to believe in and what not. So many false teachings about God being angry so and so. Of you as a sinner and deserves punishments so and so.

But no, remember that Jesus forgives. He is a perfect representation of how to be a good God. It is true, that we are Hu-man, which means “God (Hu)” “Man (Man).” But some of us losses self control, and that causes anger.

Some of the Human uses it’s power against other human. And that causes disaster and war. Just because we became out of control. Lack of discipline and practice. Lack of proper knowledge about how powerful we are.

Other powerful humans from the past has to use anger in order to make people believe in themselves, in the powerful God, that desire that wants to be expressed. And because of our laziness, probably, as a child I was; then the Gods has to scare the hell out of us.

And that causes those undeveloped people feel fear. But those Gods that did it are just concerned about the people and just wanted for them to grow as well, and their only other way is to scare them if they can’t believe in themselves.

But others did it for power. There are humans who wants to rule and would love to make the world the best as it can be in anyway possible. Even if it means disaster. But there are also others who just want power over others.

But you must understand all of them. All of them just needs love. Just need compassion. Just need attention. Remember what Jesus said, “Save yourself.” Let others be themselves. Do not judge so you won’t be judge. Mind your business.

And know that God wants us to improve. That desire within us is him trying to express through us. Ask what you need and he shall give it to you. Just be more specific, feel and absorb it. Make a clear picture and send it.

Remember that the only means of communication the unconscious and the conscious mind has is feeling. Feel it, be thankful, impressed the source, and have faith in him. Be patient, it will come.

For the meantime, enjoy what you’re doing. And practice being like the thing that you wish for is around you. Live with it, and be thankful.

Inspire Others – the last step would be to inspire others. And the only way you can inspire others is by setting yourself as an example. Someone for them to look up to. Be an example. Develop yourself more and improve to be the best example you could ever be.

Everybody needs inspiration. We need to feel inspired and driven. We need to see, not just to hear. That’s who we are. To see is to believe. If the people won’t believe in what you tell them, then show them.

Let them see that what you believe in is true. And it’s working with you. And that would inspire them. Give them hope and inspiration. Share your stories. Give them something that would help them grow more and more and more and more.

So, do not be afraid to improve. Do not be afraid to be yourself. Do not be afraid to follow God. Allow him to help you. Ask and you shall receive. And know that he is God. Anything you ask for as long as you believe, you will receive.

And remember also, that God that is in each of us, makes everything possible. And know that there is a thinking substance that wants expansion all the time. And that we are one with it. And that you are not alone.

Just remember though, that no matter how far you have reached, how much successes you’ve attained, remember that there is always someone who’s better than you, to serve as your example. And that is God in those people.

You can not defeat God in You and in Them. So, stop competing and begin creating. Begin working with God let your thoughts and ideas flow, and he shall help you manifest it.


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Why is it safe to believe?

Generally speaking, believing makes us do something enthusiastically. Which means more chance of acting things accordingly, appropriately, whatever you want to call it.

It’s only when you believe that everything makes sense. If you don’t believe in your dreams, there’s a very low chance that you will succeed.

It is safe to believe. Even if the worlds seems very unbelievable; for your own sake, believe it anyway. For when you stop believing, you stop believing in yourself.

For all is one, and one is all. As God is in you and you are in God. If you don’t believe in something be it bad or good, you also don’t believe in God and in yourself.

The only way to believe it’s not true, is to believe it is true. For it is our beliefs that makes it true or not true. And when you stop believing, you begin feel scared and afraid, unprotected and unloved.

God loves us. Jesus loves us. Believe. Just believe. Simply Believe. It’s when you believe in sadness that you can appreciate happiness.

It is when you believe in death that you appreciate life. It is when you believe everlasting death that you will believe in everlasting life.

It is when you believe in hunger and thirst that you believe in fullness and satisfaction. For life is not without the other.

Believe in everything anyway. That’s the only way. In Visayan “Too nalang aron madali.” Even if how hard it is, believe that God is God. God is angry for you to believe. For goodness seems unbelievable.

Others won’t even appreciate goodness, because they deny hardness and they didn’t know hardness. Some people don’t know how to praise and thank, because they deny hardship.

Deny God in anything and he shall deny you in everything. That’s the truth that I hold on now. To believe in his supreme anger is to believe in is supreme love.

To believe in his death is to believe in his life within all. At first, I won’t believe in their claims about God. I didn’t like it when they say God is angry. Yes, he is indeed, but he’s also very lovely.

I spent most of my life confused about the teachings. Most of us are confused what to believe. But thanks be to Jesus for letting us know, “God is good all the time.”

And for the confused about what to believe, think about your father being angry at you as a child because you don’t believe in him saying “Don’t touch that stove because it’s hot.”

Because of curiosity, you did it and end up being born. What do you expect your father would do? Get angry or be happy? He is so concerned and worried that he would ACT as if he’s angry at you so you will believe in him.

I have tried that with my brother. My brother doesn’t believe in anything. He does what he wants to do. He can’t even follow my mother’s order.

Poor mother comes to me and tell me how hard headed he is. I am not the person of anger. I always love and respect. I stay away from trouble. I have never shouted anyone before.

But because there’s no way I can make him believe by just saying words of advice, I got to do something; And that is to scare him to the deepest I could ever do.

I know in that very moment I showed him my anger that it will return to me triple times the measure of the anger I showed to him.

And I succeeded, I made him follow my mother, to listen, and the last time I saw him, he’s grown up, more self-conscious and has become a person I want to him as a person.

I am thankful and the same time suffering of my greatest anger. For what you sow is what you shall reap. Took me 3 years to recover from my own anger. From that very time onwards.

Myself is always angry at me, but I endured. I am still able to handle myself as of no war is going on within me. And sometimes, I wondered why God is so angry at me even if I am not doing anything wrong. I am still angry at myself.

Then I would remember, “Oh, I did something wrong to make things right.” It’s against the rule, and I know it. Lucky are those who didn’t know for they will be spared.

But for those who knew what they were doing, they will suffer. I have endured, and I survived from my own wrath. Believing in myself, asking help from Jesus and Mother Mary, does helps.

In my mind they comforted me, and protect me from the silence of torture. Thanks be to God. I almost lost my belief. It came to the point where I was very angry of the world as I was very angry of myself.

And now, every time I get angry at myself for no reasons I said this to myself “I believe in you, I will not fight, I surrender, I believe, I believe in your anger, and I believe in your loving heart, breath in breath out.”

May you not stop believing no matter how worse the situation is to become. And know that God is good no matter what. And that you deserve everything, for better or for worst.

For better or for worst, be with yourself. Claim the bride within. Believe in her loving heart that is in you. Be one with it.

I recommend you watching “Moana”.