What Is The Beginning Of Worlds Conflict?

The beginning of worlds conflict is Competition. Losing is the beginning of anger and self-pity, eagerness to compete more, to win the game; to the extent that you will even cheat just to win it.

And the winner feels arrogant and wants to keep winning, maintaining it’s fame as if it’s his life. That without it, he’s nothing. So, he may as well be angry if he found out he’s being cheated on.

The Demigods enjoys watching the competition, but some competitors are afraid of losing. Others focus on winning and wins. Others enjoys it just for fun.

But if you enjoy both sides of competitors will look down at you, because you just enjoy, doesn’t mean you don’t know anything, you just don’t want to take it seriously, because what’s the point?

I mean, competition is only a way to make people feel great for a moment. But for others, it can make them feel limited a loser and a shadow all throughout their lives because of the effect of losing.

I mean, competition is good if both parties are winning the same. But, that’s not competition anymore. It’s in fact compromising the competition. Which is good isn’t it?

Even until now, people get anxious, depressed, etc. etc. because of that little illusion of losing when in fact, we cannot lose. We have everything we need.

God gives everything as long as we mentally asked for it. We just have to practice thinking and creating, rather than competing. We are supposed to be creators, not fighters.

We are here for life expansion. Giving love to others through things, words of appreciation, service, in any ways we can. But most of all, and above all, is your own life expansion.

The best way we can love others, is through giving, and giving requires us to own something to give. So, let’s create something to own something and share it to others.

And I mean, creating our lives now, rather than competing at others lives. Minding our own business going forward to expansion, while wishing for others expanding the way you do.

Helping each other rather than competing each other.

Credit: Photo Thank you Pixabay.


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