How To Protect Your Creative Mind Against Competitive Minds

The world is composed of two different groups of people. The creative minded people and the competitive minded people. Creative minded people are the people are faithful people.

Creative minded people are those people who mentally creates something, receive it in their minds, mentally living with their wants and are thankful with it, until it became physically present.

But creative minded people have weakness just like the competitive minded people. And the creative minded people’s weakness is simply LIE. Lie to these people and they will be doubtful and fearful.

Being doubtful with themselves decreases their faith. And thus, makes their mental creation slowly fading away. It is faith and gratitude that makes their dreams come true.

And the competitive people knew about that. So, their only chance of winning is to create plagues that scares, illusions that doubts creative minded people, and eventually weakening their faith.

So, to protect the creative minded people from that LIE, they must fight. The only problem is, if they fight too much, it will make them in a state of competitive mind to save their life.

Well, that’s an exception. If they’ll take away your life or your dreams, you must fight. And that’s an exception. It’s okay to save your life. It’s okay to fight when you’re in danger.

Others are fearful, and hesitant to fight. They would rather give up, and be slowly eaten by lies, and then made them have no choice but to become one of the competitive minded people.

However, there is a way to defeat their tricks. As Jesus were able to defeat the evil in 40 days that he’s being tested. So do we. And that’s simply by showing them the TRUTH. The truth about God.

The greatness of the divine in all, in you, and even in that evil that is tricking you. They will surely transform. It’s not to defeat that man that tricks you, or that people that tricks, but to set them free.

To fight not to defeat but to save. Save yourself and that your enemy will be save. Because there is something in that enemy that you also have. And if they can’t save themselves, save them through you.

Save yourself and they will be saved. And do not be afraid. Jesus was able you too can. We can. We all can.

No matter how bastard or bad the person is, if you show them the TRUTH about themselves, they shall be set free.

Tell them the TRUTH about God but you must first believe in that truth. And that truth is that, Jesus is with you, in you and in all including that person that you are in conflict with.

You just have to tap the goodness in them, the love in them, the truth in them and it will be awaken.

Use words that applies to all people as a whole. Believe in the truth that you are in everyone. If someone looked down at you, then save yourself by telling them that “I am, but the people across the world together is better than me, and therefore is better than you.”

But remember, that when you say it, include him and you as the people across the world. For in all is in you, in you is in all. The divine is in you and in all, and your enemy is part of the all.

They shall surely transform. The work of the creative minded people is to tap the TRUTH in each competitive minded people, to start being creative and kind, and loving, and abundant, like others does.

We all deserve to be in our own ways without being defeated or disturbed by the competitive minded people.

Remind yourself to let the enemy come and then wake up their true self within them, instead of hiding away from them and being fearful. They’ll never stop if you keep hiding away.

Face them anyway. And show them who you are. If you are competitive and is trying to win others, go out still and let the creative minded people tap your divine nature within.

Don’t be afraid, they won’t bite. Unless you fall into trap. Other tricky way of the competitive minded people. To be good at you, and then in slave you once they’re done acting good in you.

So, never be fooled. Be wise. The supreme intelligent wants you to be wise for your own sake and for all that is in you. You are in them and they are in you. All is in God, and God is in all. And we are all.

If they can’t, do it for them through you. Do it for yourself, with the intention of doing it for all including the divine in that tricky man.


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