Why Should We Respect Others Way Of Life

Sometimes in your life, you’ll meet someone you don’t like their ways. You have your own way and it contradict theirs. They are your family, so you’ll feel very separated and unsupported.

And when you fight, you’ll only feel even more separated. And the only way to make the family still connected is to either leave or respect their own ways.

But for sure you can’t survive in a family that always contradicts your ideas, opinions, etc. etc. It’s either them or you that starts the fire. Because of lack of respect to each other.

It may not be all about lack of respect, but it could also be that you care too much and you want only good for them. But the problem is, how do you know if your way is really good for them?

You have no right to say what is right or wrong for them, because you don’t know all things. You know only of yourself. And that’s the truth. So, we better mind our own life anyway.

But you’re concern because you want to succeed, you want them to have a happy life, a less stressful life, but they just can’t stop doing what they’re doing, and not listening to your way; because they are faithful of their own ways, and you cannot defeat faith.

Once you have faith in something, you will stick to it, and keep doing it, because you have faith in it. Faith indeed is a very good fuel to your beliefs.

But one thing you won’t hear most often is that no matter which ways we choose is fine, and and with faith we’ll still be able to reach the same destination.

Say, you want to be happy; there are lots of ways to be happy; and others may not be happy of what makes you happy; so? Unless you want them to suffer, you’ll forced them to be on your side.

But no human wants someone to suffer unless you have a narcissistic condition—being happy of others agony. Other than that is a mere suggestion. How you respond is up to you.

But if it’s really annoying that it keeps suggesting things that you don’t like, unconsciously; it just happen that they really like sharing it to you, not knowing to you it appears a suggestion, and you’re suffering to resist it. A temptation rather.

Well, that’s another issue. Anyway, the point is, we should respect others for their own ways, no matter what, because there are ways that will work for you that is not for them.

But if the family is forcing you to do things that you know won’t work for you because you’ve tried it already and won’t really work; and they still keeps suggesting their ways, and you get annoyed and super angry, then leave; save yourself.

Respect their territory. You don’t belong there. And if you’ll stay there, you’ll feel like an outcast. And that’s very unhealthy for you.

Respect yourself by being still in your own way—and that’s possible by leaving—and their faith.

And that you’ll see them at the center point of your destination. Wish them luck; after all, you’re just a life traveler like them.

You have no right to dictate them of what not to do, or them to dictate you of what to do.

And simply learned from them (’twas a hard lesson, but it’s worth learning for) and have faith that they will arrive safely.

“Do unto others what you want others to do unto you; otherwise, avoid it.”

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