Why is it safe to believe?

Generally speaking, believing makes us do something enthusiastically. Which means more chance of acting things accordingly, appropriately, whatever you want to call it.

It’s only when you believe that everything makes sense. If you don’t believe in your dreams, there’s a very low chance that you will succeed.

It is safe to believe. Even if the worlds seems very unbelievable; for your own sake, believe it anyway. For when you stop believing, you stop believing in yourself.

For all is one, and one is all. As God is in you and you are in God. If you don’t believe in something be it bad or good, you also don’t believe in God and in yourself.

The only way to believe it’s not true, is to believe it is true. For it is our beliefs that makes it true or not true. And when you stop believing, you begin feel scared and afraid, unprotected and unloved.

God loves us. Jesus loves us. Believe. Just believe. Simply Believe. It’s when you believe in sadness that you can appreciate happiness.

It is when you believe in death that you appreciate life. It is when you believe everlasting death that you will believe in everlasting life.

It is when you believe in hunger and thirst that you believe in fullness and satisfaction. For life is not without the other.

Believe in everything anyway. That’s the only way. In Visayan “Too nalang aron madali.” Even if how hard it is, believe that God is God. God is angry for you to believe. For goodness seems unbelievable.

Others won’t even appreciate goodness, because they deny hardness and they didn’t know hardness. Some people don’t know how to praise and thank, because they deny hardship.

Deny God in anything and he shall deny you in everything. That’s the truth that I hold on now. To believe in his supreme anger is to believe in is supreme love.

To believe in his death is to believe in his life within all. At first, I won’t believe in their claims about God. I didn’t like it when they say God is angry. Yes, he is indeed, but he’s also very lovely.

I spent most of my life confused about the teachings. Most of us are confused what to believe. But thanks be to Jesus for letting us know, “God is good all the time.”

And for the confused about what to believe, think about your father being angry at you as a child because you don’t believe in him saying “Don’t touch that stove because it’s hot.”

Because of curiosity, you did it and end up being born. What do you expect your father would do? Get angry or be happy? He is so concerned and worried that he would ACT as if he’s angry at you so you will believe in him.

I have tried that with my brother. My brother doesn’t believe in anything. He does what he wants to do. He can’t even follow my mother’s order.

Poor mother comes to me and tell me how hard headed he is. I am not the person of anger. I always love and respect. I stay away from trouble. I have never shouted anyone before.

But because there’s no way I can make him believe by just saying words of advice, I got to do something; And that is to scare him to the deepest I could ever do.

I know in that very moment I showed him my anger that it will return to me triple times the measure of the anger I showed to him.

And I succeeded, I made him follow my mother, to listen, and the last time I saw him, he’s grown up, more self-conscious and has become a person I want to him as a person.

I am thankful and the same time suffering of my greatest anger. For what you sow is what you shall reap. Took me 3 years to recover from my own anger. From that very time onwards.

Myself is always angry at me, but I endured. I am still able to handle myself as of no war is going on within me. And sometimes, I wondered why God is so angry at me even if I am not doing anything wrong. I am still angry at myself.

Then I would remember, “Oh, I did something wrong to make things right.” It’s against the rule, and I know it. Lucky are those who didn’t know for they will be spared.

But for those who knew what they were doing, they will suffer. I have endured, and I survived from my own wrath. Believing in myself, asking help from Jesus and Mother Mary, does helps.

In my mind they comforted me, and protect me from the silence of torture. Thanks be to God. I almost lost my belief. It came to the point where I was very angry of the world as I was very angry of myself.

And now, every time I get angry at myself for no reasons I said this to myself “I believe in you, I will not fight, I surrender, I believe, I believe in your anger, and I believe in your loving heart, breath in breath out.”

May you not stop believing no matter how worse the situation is to become. And know that God is good no matter what. And that you deserve everything, for better or for worst.

For better or for worst, be with yourself. Claim the bride within. Believe in her loving heart that is in you. Be one with it.

I recommend you watching “Moana”.



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