Here’s How To Get Out From Your Addictions

But first, you must know why you feel like you can’t get out from your worries and problems “Because you love it.” If you don’t love it, you would have stayed away from it. The problem is that, you want it badly, that without it, you feel lost.

That is why, the saying “It’s only when you get lost that you’ll find yourself again.” And it’s true. I know it sounds unbelievable.

It happened to me. I got addicted with analyzing and thinking about world problems, family problems, personal problems.

It got me thinking about how to solve them. How to solve others bad behaviors, others chaos, others negative thoughts, anger, frustration and stresses.

I got addicted with solving one of my family members problem which is “she’s trying to take control over others, she wants us to follow her, but she couldn’t.”

Because of my curiosity, because I couldn’t understand why she’s like what she is. Why she couldn’t listen to me, my ego was touched.

I have become like her, trying to force her to become like me. I begin fighting back against her life principles, and I always end up, being a loser.

I felt very low, and powerless. So, I decided to give up. But even after that, my addiction of helping her and telling her what should still haunts me down. I still feel like fighting back.

But, the truth gradually sets me free. The truth that we cannot, never ever forced someone to become which he/she is destined to. No matter how much you care, your WILL will not work for them.

And that experience helps me realized not to take things very seriously, specially when it comes to the people you love.

Don’t care too much for others. Take care of yourself. They’ll take care of themselves. Pray for them. Pray that they’ll find their way on the other side of the road.

You gotta have to trust God and learn to have faith in the Lord that he’ll keep watch for them. And that they’ll be fine.

We can get what we want, everything we asked for, except one thing – you cannot make someone loves you by force, but you can salute their goodness within them to be your friend; not unless they chooses to.

And you know why? It’s because God is with them, and you’re no bigger than God. But it doesn’t mean that you’re not loved by God. Look at the big picture, and you’ll see how great Gods love is for you and for everyone.

Remember that you can get all that you want, except one thing. So, you may as well, focus on those things that you can get. It’s just that, there is always someone bigger and greater than you, no matter what.

And, most importantly, no perfect person for you, but yourself and God. That’s the truth that everyone must know. You might as well, be that person you love.

So, getting out from our problems is not easy at first, but it is worth pursuing and trying for, rather than staying and doing nothing, suffering, crying, etc. etc.

You may have to stop loving that thing, but that’s not the end of the world; you will find another love. You will learn to love again. Don’t worry. And seek for guidance.

Remember again, that you are the captain of your soul. You are the master of your fate.

If quitting makes you feel unloved, if stopping worrying makes you feel unloved, then remember that it’s just a feeling, not the truth. Be patient. Jesus loves you. God loves you. God is listening to your request.

The father is always right in your brain, giving you thoughtful ideas. Helps you think and plan like him.

God is helping you to become what you want to become, you may not be even aware of it.


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