Love Is The Beginning And The Ending

Love is the beginning of jealousy. Jealousy comes anger. From anger comes Fear. From fear comes shame.

Long time ago, there was a human snake who gave up his tail for a human named Adam.

But, Adam was tempted by eve a human. Adam left the beautiful human snake, how sorrowful it is.

Her jealousy and anger fear the hell out of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve left.

But the jealousy and sorrow of the human snake and her loneliness made her go back to her former skin, alone and full of anger, eating all the moves, she’s restless.

The humans are afraid of the snakes up until now, because of their sins, because of Adam and Eve sins. Our guilt will always be, until we learn to love the snake that is within each of us, again. Forgave humans and love again. Find hope from every little thing that is good.

And of course, accept that jealousy is the normal thing, and that it only needs self-love to slowly heal it.

Love yourself and your jealous God above all else, so it won’t be angry and restless, and fearful and of course ashamed.


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