What Is That Tiny Little Voice In Your Back That Is Dragging You Down?

Your own ghost. Your family’s ghost. Living or dead. Restless Ghost trying to be heard and followed.

Like a radio that keeps beeping. You can choose which station to listen or you can dwell in that station and react on each testament, take action or ignore.

But, take note, they’re only ghosts, they give suggestions based on the past, don’t argue with it, change the station, they’re simply suggesting.

Arguing with your own ghost is tiring isn’t it? Specially the ghost of others, from your family members, the tensions you were experiencing from the past still affects you once you listened to it again right?

So, if you want answers, search for it, think, do not asked. There is no way you can get answers from your past, specially if you know that your family doesn’t know anything of what you are up to in the moment.

Yes, living your own life different from what your family are used to, is seriously lonely.

You have no life support, your back hurts, isn’t it? It is hard to live alone if you don’t enjoy being alone, right?

But being alone helps you find yourself and your freedom. Freedom to build and create a new life, a new hope, future, and successes in life.

When the world cannot relate, when your family cannot give you what you’re looking for, and when they can only suggest something that you already know, something that you don’t care, and useless.

When you need help and all they care are stories of the past that are useless.

It must be hard for my friend to keep listening to my past that has nothing to do with him. I am so sorry.

Anyways, the one that is dragging you down is hardship. Hardships in life. Your Ghosts hardships collectively, from the people you’ve met, down to your family’s life story, to your office-mates, to your friends, to anyone in the world you’ve met.

Your ghost keep repeating it, and there is nothing you can do but to take time to listen and feel their hardship, take a pause and meditate, let it go, it shall pass, it’s the past station, simply ignore it or get used to it like a bad background.

Like a bee that keeps buzzing within you. Like a raindrops, like a wave, like an air, like nature, tune in to nature every time you feel dragged or stocked with the same life station, playing over and over again.

If their ghost roar seems very strong, then make your raindrops stronger than their roar, so you’ll no longer hear them. Both ghost aren’t true in the moment anyway.

Fighting your ghost when your actions, doings will make you sick and weak. But, fighting it with your holy ghost, with natures ghost, you will succeed.

Know that waves in the sea shall pass, trust in your boat, in your body, be in the moment, and do not panic. You ghost isn’t real.

My most scariest ghost was when I was with a friend, on the boat, it was raining heavy, big waves strikes our boat, I was in panic; everyone was, we thought it was gonna drown. But the captain was relaxed and calm, we made it.

It was where I get my panic attack, my panicking ghost, as if I’m gonna die already, I don’t know what to do. I felt cold, very cold, my hands are shaking.

My next ghost was when I was sliding. The slide was very strong. My friend did not try, but I do. My face turn red I was panicking that I might fly, might break my head or might injured me, or anything.

But with all my might I keep and stay calm and relaxed, and let the slide bring me down.

Sometimes, first times are always hard and scary, it’s panicking.

So, when you panic, and scared and think of retreat when times go wrong but you know that you can, it’s just a feeling of hardship and panic, anxiety, depression, all of it; simply sigh and tell yourself, don’t be scared, it’s all right. You will survive again this time.

Lesson learned, relax and enjoy during first times, specially end times, because the first and the last creates the greatest impacts. Creates the strongest ghost ever.

Relax and stay calm. Your hardships, anxieties and depression, hopelessness and lonesomeness, needs joy. Enjoy the feeling as you open the way to let them pass. Gave way to the ghosts.


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