What Is The Source Of Anger?

Jealousy. You, me, them, everyone are jealous. We are all jealous people. We all need to love again in order to mend our anger and frustrations due to jealousy.

We need to love one another equally to avoid jealousy. Or due self-love anyway if you’re alone to mend your jealousy over others.

Some people are angry of love, frustrated of love, because it is indeed the beginning of jealousy. But if you give chance of love again, it will mend your anger and your jealousy.

And therefore, love is the beginning and the end. God is love. Jesus is called the Alpha and the Omega. Stay hopeful, you will love again. Choose to love your love no matter what.

Do not wait for love to come again, love now. Waiting for love is making yourself angry very hard, jealous even more.

Jesus said love one another; but people are taught to wait for his return. Their teaching to wait for love, instead of loving now. Isn’t that the opposite of what Jesus was teaching?

Another source of Anger is lie and betrayal. It is the source of loneliness and too much anger and restlessness.

People needs love and affection. Cursive people due to anger and jealousy needs love, self-love, and also understanding.

People gets crazy because of heart-ache, because of hatred, lack of understanding, failure to forgive, and give chance for self-love to heal their illusion of separation and betrayals.

If we only understand that the other doesn’t love the other more than you; that the one who loves only loves themselves, because that’s the truth; and so your love never departs from you. Because it is in you and me.

It is pointed to different things outside us, but we are the source of love. So, we can point it again to others someday. Love again and do not be scared to be hurt, hurt is only in your mind. Anger is only in your mind.

Mend your broken-heart, accept love again because that is yourself. You cannot be whole without accepting love.

Others love death, they are cursive of their love; and so, Jesus died for them to save the innocent people. Whenever you feel like cursing someone, think of love, think of yourself, think of Jesus death.

Tell yourself, no more deaths, Jesus death is enough; love one another. Choose love and understanding. Choose to sing, choose to praise the living; choose to trust love again. You love yourself. God loves you. Jesus loves you.



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