Why Is It Hard To Write Your Own True Story?

It is due to conflict of interest. Our mind wants to move further, move on from the past and create a new beginning.

Writing a story based on the past will only awakened your sleeping ghosts. It is therefore very unhealthy and dangerous to both your mind and body to remember the past.

Dwelling in the past is like physically present, mentally absent. And the reason why people choose to dwell in it is because they’re afraid to let go of it, as if it is their life and letting go would mean death to them.

No one wants to die forever. But death and separation is only in the mind of every humans. An illusion that if you dwell and you let it sink deep inside you will cause too much loneliness inside of you.

It’s in the mind. Everything is in our minds and thoughts. We can help our brain and our souls and our spirit and our life with the truth.

The truth that everything around you are temporary, and it is therefore up to you to dwell in it in your minds.

Memories therefore can be put to a recycle bin, we can clean up our body, but sometimes people just become a garbage collector and bring back the trash to see if something can still be used.

It is therefore very important to delete it in the recycle bin too, So that it will be hard for you to recover those garbage then, whenever you feel like digging deep again.

Sometimes, our body wants to dig deep, wants to bring us down to settle the unsettled. Patches that they want to return to and mend.

When your body misses the old times, the old and dirty lifestyle, the past. When the body felt unloved in the moment, They’ll go back to the past to be happy again.

When the future is yet unseen, whenever you are undecided and stocked, whenever you feel lonely and tired, when hope is nowhere to be seen, the body simply want to go back to where it was once happy.

Or it could be that, the body wants to solve something from the past and tried to changed it, keep pushing to change it, but really cant because the past is in the past. The past belongs to the past, and therefore that ghost will only cause problems in the present.

Therefore, let go of your past. Maybe something important there that you want to hold on, is what makes you hesitant. The shit moments included.

If you want to let go, then writing your own stories based on the past is not a good idea. At least for me.


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