What Are The Top 3 Sources Of Hardship In Life?

First and foremost, hardship is just a feeling of first time things. First time is always hard, but after you master it, things are very easy to handle.

Giving is the best expression of love. And in today’s world, the ability to give love through things, and money to give people freedom is most in demand.

For the poor people, money gives freedom and happiness; but for the rich, baby’s does. Well, for me, it’s always good to be always your mother and fathers daughter and son.

For the people who doesn’t want to stay as a child, and would decide to control others, the heavenly father will also deny that bastard son.

But, for the child that always remember his earthly father who fed them when they were just little, the heavenly father will pour his blessings over to him or her.

So, no matter how bad your parents are, remember the goodness in the heavenly father that gives you life.

And, do not let their ignorance take control of your lives. Bad parents wants to control you and will never stop trying to control you; only because they think they owned you, but no; God owns you. God gave you life; they are only a passages for you to be formed.

Whatever they gave you, they are not entitled to dictate you to pay for it; God, the heavenly father gave it to them; your father in heaven gave it to them, everything you received, you owned it, you deserved it.

The love of Jesus Christ may shine on you… Be always thankful of the Lord Jesus and my uncle Paul who loves me in all his ways.

So, 3 sources of hardships in life, process of giving birth, first time sexual intercourse, first time job.


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