Here’s Why You Must Stop Trying Hard To Remove Certain Emotion Or Feeling

Trying hard, repeating it, pushing it harder is a waste of time. Acting like it’s too hard for you so others will do it, is obviously just an excuse for our own laziness.

Feeling of hardship is simply just an excuse you make when you’re not interested, or you’re not devoted to getting something done, or making something happen, or getting what you want, or due to fear of the process getting it; due to lack of trust in the process.

Feeling of fear is an excuse of a coward. Things changed. Nothing is permanent. What happened in the past, will no longer happened in the future; or if it will, it must another scenario or situation, and the solution of the past will no longer work if applied in the present or in the future; that’s why it’s very important to see the difference between the present and the past.

A problem may look the same, but the answer is different. That’s what I learn from Mathematical Problems. It is very important to read the problem and understand it thoroughly, taking time to remember previous problems, comparing it and seeking for the similarities and differences.

One of my favorite exams is abstract reasoning, it is so funny. I remembered. When you’re confused, simply answer abstract reasoning exams and you  shall learn how to connect things in life together, in order to solve the puzzle.

Anyways, trying harder to remove a feeling is foolishness. It is always made clear that when you meditate, you don’t stop you mind, you simply observe on your thoughts and your breathing.

The same with hard feelings, you don’t remove it, because you can’t remove it; however, you can understand it, and release it. When the hard feelings keeps coming back, it might be that there is something you need to know about, so dig deep, and understand more. Meditate on it, and trace back.

Know yourself, understand yourself, go back to your past self, and understand why you did what you did, and so it saves the problem you are in. Understand the current bearer of yourself in order to set it free.

When you get offended by someone of their behavior, or anything that caught your attention, and made feel something; that self is you; it needs to be set free, go back to your old self, and understand why you did what you did.

Understand your own person, you don’t have to do anything, just be it; release it and understand it.

There is no coincidence. Life gives you lessons to learn and to remember to guide you in all your ways. It is listening and it’s always there to provide what you need.

You cannot remove a feeling of hardship, specially if that hardship is not yours; it’s from the person that is right in front of you. But you can let it flow, you can let it flow like a stream, soften it and release it, and just wish peace and friendship and condolences and respond to it gently, be friend with it; and think of it as if it’s someone else’s baby crying.

If you can’t understand it, then let it go; mind your own business; it is not yours; take it as a confession and don’t do anything, simply let the river take it to be processed and healed by nature.

By the way, you can’t stop a feeling forever, you can only shift to another feeling; so don’t hold it. Let it flow, for another feeling to take part, it will only makes you tired, distract your focus and day trying to stop it; it’s like literally stopping the wave from hitting your boat. That’s a very silly thing to do, but I still did. And of course, it’s hard and always failed. ha ha

But now, I know, and so I would rather observe while I let it go than tying to stop it hardly. It’ll kill you, for Christ Sake and for your loved ones sake, learn to feel safe.

Look around you, it’s not even true; it’s just a spirit passing by, be in peace with it, and say thank you for saving me Lord Jesus Christ and the spirit of the other people.

And again, if you can’t understand, then let it pass; if they wronged you of treason, know that everything is a choice, and there is a thinking thought that makes everything happy, do not blame yourself for it nor others, simply realize that it’s their choice.

A suicide is their choice. To die for love is a weakness.


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