Why Should You Give Only When You’re Happy?

Because, we don’t wanna make business. God wants us to give unconditionally, with love and affection, acceptance, and willingness to spread joy and happiness all over the world.

Giving because of pity will only make you get angry of yourself afterwards. But giving because of the hope of joy that you will get from it, is Godly.

When you give happily, the person who receives it will also be happy; and when you make someone happy, you make the heavenly father happy; and you will feel that multiple times the happiness you gave from that person.

Everything we do are just an extension of our feelings. We do certain things because we are feel smiling inside, we feel happy inside.

Others do things because they feel angry, they feel afraid, they feel guilt, they feel wronged, they felt judged, they felt criticized, they felt unloved.

Everything that we do is always accompanied by a feeling, an emotion; love that makes us move on and continue.

That if we learn to call on a specific feeling in any situation, and you don’t let the situation generate the feeling for you, you became a master.

A master is in control, not of other people; not over things, but over their emotion.

Masters knew how to shift from one emotion to another whatever that situation maybe.

They are the master of their fate, the captain of their souls.

So, we encourage everyone to choose to feel happy first before you give. At least power up your giving with happiness.

Yes, it seems hard for us sometimes to generate that feeling amidst a doubtful and unfriendly situation, but if you can at least find a little thing around you that could help you shift your feeling into a happy mood, and then you return to that bad situation, you will deal with it as easily as it should be.

Easy right? Think of being happy, and you will be happy; now hold into that feeling all day, and don’t let the situation change your station.



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