What Will Happen When We Don’t Support Each Other

Everybody needs support. Spiritual support, friendly support, uplifting support, encouragements and many more form of support.

Now, what will happen if you’re friends and family members doesn’t support you at all. Doesn’t bliss you at all. It makes life so difficult. So hard to keep doing what you’re doing.

When I first worked in a call center, I felt very unsupported; I have no support at all; No one ever appreciates me for what I did.

Appreciation and praise is another form of support. Giving is another form of support. Anything that inspires you to keep going is a support.

And that’s what I badly need now. I have a friend who doesn’t know how to support but rather discourage.

He discourages me all the time, just like I did to my mother; now I understand how hard it is to be working alone and being pulled downward every time.

I feel like fighting every time; a lot of tension; I have to fight for support and I feel tired of it, and very discouraged; may the spirit of my mother uplift me and encourages me to do the thing I think is right and I think is best for me.

People think they supported us when they gave us bad feed backs all the time, telling bad stories about their families and throwing up garbage in our back packs.

Putting a lot of things that aren’t ours, it makes your back so heavy to carry. I understand how hard it is for my mother of me not supporting her of her quest in life.

She used to support me, always, but now; I don’t think she’s supportive anymore; she’s discouraging me to the top; she’s no longer praying for my success; she’s praying for my failure; because I did not support her of almost everything.

It’s really hard to carry your stuffs alone, like a turtle carrying your own home all the time.

If Jesus is listening right now, I needed his support and mercy; I needed his approval.

I am constantly seeking for approval, due to lack of confidence; not sure what to do; lack of faith and trust that things going to work out as it should be.

I will pray for support. I feel like, no man is an island; and yet it is true. I am very supportive in everything that my friends do, except my very own mother. I hated almost everything that she do, even supporting me I despise it; and so, she took it away.

I feel like if she’s supporting me, I will have to pay her everything she supported me; because that’s who she is, she doesn’t give something without something in return. Even a little support, I didn’t gave her.

I’m only reaping the good fruits out from her for myself. All for myself. Isn’t that very bad? The truth is that, I feel unsupported, so hold back in supporting others.

I feel like, if I support them, will they support me back?


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