Love Is The Beginning And The Ending

Love is the beginning of jealousy. Jealousy comes anger. From anger comes Fear. From fear comes shame.

Long time ago, there was a human snake who gave up his tail for a human named Adam.

But, Adam was tempted by eve a human. Adam left the beautiful human snake, how sorrowful it is.

Her jealousy and anger fear the hell out of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve left.

But the jealousy and sorrow of the human snake and her loneliness made her go back to her former skin, alone and full of anger, eating all the moves, she’s restless.

The humans are afraid of the snakes up until now, because of their sins, because of Adam and Eve sins. Our guilt will always be, until we learn to love the snake that is within each of us, again. Forgave humans and love again. Find hope from every little thing that is good.

And of course, accept that jealousy is the normal thing, and that it only needs self-love to slowly heal it.

Love yourself and your jealous God above all else, so it won’t be angry and restless, and fearful and of course ashamed.


What Is That Tiny Little Voice In Your Back That Is Dragging You Down?

Your own ghost. Your family’s ghost. Living or dead. Restless Ghost trying to be heard and followed.

Like a radio that keeps beeping. You can choose which station to listen or you can dwell in that station and react on each testament, take action or ignore.

But, take note, they’re only ghosts, they give suggestions based on the past, don’t argue with it, change the station, they’re simply suggesting.

Arguing with your own ghost is tiring isn’t it? Specially the ghost of others, from your family members, the tensions you were experiencing from the past still affects you once you listened to it again right?

So, if you want answers, search for it, think, do not asked. There is no way you can get answers from your past, specially if you know that your family doesn’t know anything of what you are up to in the moment.

Yes, living your own life different from what your family are used to, is seriously lonely.

You have no life support, your back hurts, isn’t it? It is hard to live alone if you don’t enjoy being alone, right?

But being alone helps you find yourself and your freedom. Freedom to build and create a new life, a new hope, future, and successes in life.

When the world cannot relate, when your family cannot give you what you’re looking for, and when they can only suggest something that you already know, something that you don’t care, and useless.

When you need help and all they care are stories of the past that are useless.

It must be hard for my friend to keep listening to my past that has nothing to do with him. I am so sorry.

Anyways, the one that is dragging you down is hardship. Hardships in life. Your Ghosts hardships collectively, from the people you’ve met, down to your family’s life story, to your office-mates, to your friends, to anyone in the world you’ve met.

Your ghost keep repeating it, and there is nothing you can do but to take time to listen and feel their hardship, take a pause and meditate, let it go, it shall pass, it’s the past station, simply ignore it or get used to it like a bad background.

Like a bee that keeps buzzing within you. Like a raindrops, like a wave, like an air, like nature, tune in to nature every time you feel dragged or stocked with the same life station, playing over and over again.

If their ghost roar seems very strong, then make your raindrops stronger than their roar, so you’ll no longer hear them. Both ghost aren’t true in the moment anyway.

Fighting your ghost when your actions, doings will make you sick and weak. But, fighting it with your holy ghost, with natures ghost, you will succeed.

Know that waves in the sea shall pass, trust in your boat, in your body, be in the moment, and do not panic. You ghost isn’t real.

My most scariest ghost was when I was with a friend, on the boat, it was raining heavy, big waves strikes our boat, I was in panic; everyone was, we thought it was gonna drown. But the captain was relaxed and calm, we made it.

It was where I get my panic attack, my panicking ghost, as if I’m gonna die already, I don’t know what to do. I felt cold, very cold, my hands are shaking.

My next ghost was when I was sliding. The slide was very strong. My friend did not try, but I do. My face turn red I was panicking that I might fly, might break my head or might injured me, or anything.

But with all my might I keep and stay calm and relaxed, and let the slide bring me down.

Sometimes, first times are always hard and scary, it’s panicking.

So, when you panic, and scared and think of retreat when times go wrong but you know that you can, it’s just a feeling of hardship and panic, anxiety, depression, all of it; simply sigh and tell yourself, don’t be scared, it’s all right. You will survive again this time.

Lesson learned, relax and enjoy during first times, specially end times, because the first and the last creates the greatest impacts. Creates the strongest ghost ever.

Relax and stay calm. Your hardships, anxieties and depression, hopelessness and lonesomeness, needs joy. Enjoy the feeling as you open the way to let them pass. Gave way to the ghosts.

Why Is It Hard To Write Your Own True Story?

It is due to conflict of interest. Our mind wants to move further, move on from the past and create a new beginning.

Writing a story based on the past will only awakened your sleeping ghosts. It is therefore very unhealthy and dangerous to both your mind and body to remember the past.

Dwelling in the past is like physically present, mentally absent. And the reason why people choose to dwell in it is because they’re afraid to let go of it, as if it is their life and letting go would mean death to them.

No one wants to die forever. But death and separation is only in the mind of every humans. An illusion that if you dwell and you let it sink deep inside you will cause too much loneliness inside of you.

It’s in the mind. Everything is in our minds and thoughts. We can help our brain and our souls and our spirit and our life with the truth.

The truth that everything around you are temporary, and it is therefore up to you to dwell in it in your minds.

Memories therefore can be put to a recycle bin, we can clean up our body, but sometimes people just become a garbage collector and bring back the trash to see if something can still be used.

It is therefore very important to delete it in the recycle bin too, So that it will be hard for you to recover those garbage then, whenever you feel like digging deep again.

Sometimes, our body wants to dig deep, wants to bring us down to settle the unsettled. Patches that they want to return to and mend.

When your body misses the old times, the old and dirty lifestyle, the past. When the body felt unloved in the moment, They’ll go back to the past to be happy again.

When the future is yet unseen, whenever you are undecided and stocked, whenever you feel lonely and tired, when hope is nowhere to be seen, the body simply want to go back to where it was once happy.

Or it could be that, the body wants to solve something from the past and tried to changed it, keep pushing to change it, but really cant because the past is in the past. The past belongs to the past, and therefore that ghost will only cause problems in the present.

Therefore, let go of your past. Maybe something important there that you want to hold on, is what makes you hesitant. The shit moments included.

If you want to let go, then writing your own stories based on the past is not a good idea. At least for me.

Here’s How To Get Out From Your Addictions

But first, you must know why you feel like you can’t get out from your worries and problems “Because you love it.” If you don’t love it, you would have stayed away from it. The problem is that, you want it badly, that without it, you feel lost.

That is why, the saying “It’s only when you get lost that you’ll find yourself again.” And it’s true. I know it sounds unbelievable.

It happened to me. I got addicted with analyzing and thinking about world problems, family problems, personal problems.

It got me thinking about how to solve them. How to solve others bad behaviors, others chaos, others negative thoughts, anger, frustration and stresses.

I got addicted with solving one of my family members problem which is “she’s trying to take control over others, she wants us to follow her, but she couldn’t.”

Because of my curiosity, because I couldn’t understand why she’s like what she is. Why she couldn’t listen to me, my ego was touched.

I have become like her, trying to force her to become like me. I begin fighting back against her life principles, and I always end up, being a loser.

I felt very low, and powerless. So, I decided to give up. But even after that, my addiction of helping her and telling her what should still haunts me down. I still feel like fighting back.

But, the truth gradually sets me free. The truth that we cannot, never ever forced someone to become which he/she is destined to. No matter how much you care, your WILL will not work for them.

And that experience helps me realized not to take things very seriously, specially when it comes to the people you love.

Don’t care too much for others. Take care of yourself. They’ll take care of themselves. Pray for them. Pray that they’ll find their way on the other side of the road.

You gotta have to trust God and learn to have faith in the Lord that he’ll keep watch for them. And that they’ll be fine.

We can get what we want, everything we asked for, except one thing – you cannot make someone loves you by force, but you can salute their goodness within them to be your friend; not unless they chooses to.

And you know why? It’s because God is with them, and you’re no bigger than God. But it doesn’t mean that you’re not loved by God. Look at the big picture, and you’ll see how great Gods love is for you and for everyone.

Remember that you can get all that you want, except one thing. So, you may as well, focus on those things that you can get. It’s just that, there is always someone bigger and greater than you, no matter what.

And, most importantly, no perfect person for you, but yourself and God. That’s the truth that everyone must know. You might as well, be that person you love.

So, getting out from our problems is not easy at first, but it is worth pursuing and trying for, rather than staying and doing nothing, suffering, crying, etc. etc.

You may have to stop loving that thing, but that’s not the end of the world; you will find another love. You will learn to love again. Don’t worry. And seek for guidance.

Remember again, that you are the captain of your soul. You are the master of your fate.

If quitting makes you feel unloved, if stopping worrying makes you feel unloved, then remember that it’s just a feeling, not the truth. Be patient. Jesus loves you. God loves you. God is listening to your request.

The father is always right in your brain, giving you thoughtful ideas. Helps you think and plan like him.

God is helping you to become what you want to become, you may not be even aware of it.

Why Is Action Better Than Words?

Action is always better than words and dreams. Law of attraction won’t work without law of action.

If we act now based on our goals, we could have accomplished many goals already.

The worse type of laziness is thinking without doing. So many people who have great ideas but are not reaching it.

It is because of lack of motivation and inspiration. People needs inspiration to keep going. As Miley Cyrus song lyrics says “everybody needs inspiration…”

Take action, solidify your purpose, have faith in the original substance that makes everything possible.

Words, dreams, goals without a plan is merely a wish. But if we act on it by planning first, and then taking action, seeing how it goes, getting feedback, then deciding whether or not to keep going or whether you proceed to plan B.

Planning is the first step in Principles of Management, v. 1.1 by Mason Carpenter, Talya Bauer, and Berrin Erdogan; followed by organizing, leading and controlling.

But our common sickness is that, when we plan it won’t usually happen; say we’ll travel this date at this particular time; when that set date is nearly approaching, everyone starts cancelling, and finding excuses not to go.

It is because of lack of purpose, clarity and faith. If we are clear and excited about really going on that trip, and everyday you keep reminding yourself of that coming day; when that day finally came, we’re even more ready.

Another thing is lack of readiness. It will take time to be ready. It takes practice and repetitive studying before we even get ready during exams, right?

So, what are we waiting for, let’s make a plan and keep moving. But before anything else, we must first have a purpose. A strongest purpose that everyone desires, to help others, to grow in mind, body and spirit.

And in order to be able to do that, we need what? Money — We need to be rich — We need to have enough money to support ourselves, to buy the things that will help us enhance our skills, our mind, our body, and of course to be able to give love to our love ones.

Our society today is controlled by money, isn’t it? So, instead of looking at money as an enemy, let’s makes use of money to improve our relationships with others. Let’s look at it positively. It’s just a piece of paper. We give power over it.

So don’t be afraid to get rich and be lost, remember your purpose; to help yourself and others. And besides, it’s only when one get lost when you shall find yourself. It’s going to be all right. But of course, be mindful.

As long as you’re mindful, you’ll make better decisions in the future. So stop worrying about getting lost if you get rich. You’re not even rich yet, how would you even be sure that you’ll really get lost? Trust yourself and have faith.

Always remember your purpose, for you and for others. It’s just how the world works right now, and in the future.

Give others things that would improve their lives even better, not because they’re poor. They/We just need inspiration.

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Use Your Will Only For Yourself Not For Others

As it is against the law of creation to use your will for others. And that it is beyond your jurisdiction to make people become as you want them to become, against their own will.

And if you will still do things that will make them become as you want them to become, you are trespassing. You are deceiving.

We can force things; yes, we can; against the law. But please remember that what comes around goes around. What you sow is what you shall reap.

Keep in mind this “Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.”

But, what if someone forced you to use your will in behalf of them? Someone from your very own family? Very dangerous right?

Someone did to me, the name shall remain anonymous. She wants me to become her, to took over her responsibilities for her to be set free.

But I know deep inside that it isn’t right. For my will is not to be used for others nor anyone from our family.

We have a unique will power that is given to us by the source of everything, to assist us in our day to day lives, our future and most of all our dreams and connection to the supreme.

She’s a woman who uses her will for others, risking her life and her future for others; and she forced me to become like her.

My anger reaches the ends of the heavens, and the only way to save myself is to leave.

Thanks be to God for guiding me, and to Jesus for always being with me. I got traumatized and would rather not go back to that place ever again.

If you ever met these types of people, simply stay away. They’ll risk your relationship to yourself and to God.

Remember, when Jesus was tempted by the devil Matthew 4:1-11.

Jesus Is Tested in the Wilderness

Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted[a]by the devil. After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry.The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.”

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’[b]

Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written:

“‘He will command his angels concerning you,
    and they will lift you up in their hands,
    so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’[c]

Jesus answered him, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’[d]

Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’[e]

11 Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.


Do not be deceived by people trying to deceive you to risk your life by questioning your belief and by tapping unto your very own weaknesses.

Most weaknesses we humans have are shame, guilt, what other people would say to you if you wouldn’t do this and that.

No matter what, choose God in you. Use your will for God’s sake in you. Do not be tempted by those people acting like they are poor and somebody hurt them, and they need your help to take revenge, even if it’s your own close family asking you to do that.

Even your own Mother or Father. For we didn’t know what is the real story is about. We only hear stories that maybe altered, edited, for them to get what they want from you. Always beware and be wise. Don’t be fooled.

Every now and then, our faith is being tested; we aren’t even aware of it; it just feel unnatural. It’s sort of like a soul training. So don’t be angry, stay calm, all is well.

Remember to say this words when you’re in trouble: Matthew 6:9-13 

Pray then like this:

“Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.[a]
10 Your kingdom come,
your will be done,[b]
    on earth as it is in heaven.
11 Give us this day our daily bread (food for our soul),[c]
12 and forgive us our debts,
    as we also have forgiven our debtors.
13 And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.[d]

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Why Should We Respect Others Way Of Life

Sometimes in your life, you’ll meet someone you don’t like their ways. You have your own way and it contradict theirs. They are your family, so you’ll feel very separated and unsupported.

And when you fight, you’ll only feel even more separated. And the only way to make the family still connected is to either leave or respect their own ways.

But for sure you can’t survive in a family that always contradicts your ideas, opinions, etc. etc. It’s either them or you that starts the fire. Because of lack of respect to each other.

It may not be all about lack of respect, but it could also be that you care too much and you want only good for them. But the problem is, how do you know if your way is really good for them?

You have no right to say what is right or wrong for them, because you don’t know all things. You know only of yourself. And that’s the truth. So, we better mind our own life anyway.

But you’re concern because you want to succeed, you want them to have a happy life, a less stressful life, but they just can’t stop doing what they’re doing, and not listening to your way; because they are faithful of their own ways, and you cannot defeat faith.

Once you have faith in something, you will stick to it, and keep doing it, because you have faith in it. Faith indeed is a very good fuel to your beliefs.

But one thing you won’t hear most often is that no matter which ways we choose is fine, and and with faith we’ll still be able to reach the same destination.

Say, you want to be happy; there are lots of ways to be happy; and others may not be happy of what makes you happy; so? Unless you want them to suffer, you’ll forced them to be on your side.

But no human wants someone to suffer unless you have a narcissistic condition—being happy of others agony. Other than that is a mere suggestion. How you respond is up to you.

But if it’s really annoying that it keeps suggesting things that you don’t like, unconsciously; it just happen that they really like sharing it to you, not knowing to you it appears a suggestion, and you’re suffering to resist it. A temptation rather.

Well, that’s another issue. Anyway, the point is, we should respect others for their own ways, no matter what, because there are ways that will work for you that is not for them.

But if the family is forcing you to do things that you know won’t work for you because you’ve tried it already and won’t really work; and they still keeps suggesting their ways, and you get annoyed and super angry, then leave; save yourself.

Respect their territory. You don’t belong there. And if you’ll stay there, you’ll feel like an outcast. And that’s very unhealthy for you.

Respect yourself by being still in your own way—and that’s possible by leaving—and their faith.

And that you’ll see them at the center point of your destination. Wish them luck; after all, you’re just a life traveler like them.

You have no right to dictate them of what not to do, or them to dictate you of what to do.

And simply learned from them (’twas a hard lesson, but it’s worth learning for) and have faith that they will arrive safely.

“Do unto others what you want others to do unto you; otherwise, avoid it.”

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